Our Services

Our Services

TECHNOCONTRACT has established strategic partnerships with technology providers around the world, which enables us to offer you seamless global business technology solutions, and top-grade services.

Find our core services below:
  • Web Design / Hosting

    We provide a wide range of Internet and web solutions to meet your business challenges and help you stay ahead of the competition.

  • Software Development

    We have expertise in comprehensive software, custom solutions and tools development which help both small and large enterprises.

  • Training and Development

    We offer Corporate Training workshops throughout the year both at our own and client’s premises.

  • Office Automation Supports

    We provide data entry, data conversion, import/export, database management, report templates, etc, on different file formats.

  • Digital Marketing

    We help our clients promote their brands and products using various digital marketing techniques to achieve this goal.

  • Book Publishing Services

    We provide all the services to help authors publish their own books and ebooks, from proofreading, book covers, book design and ebook files, to printing....